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Westward designs, implements and manages insurance-based tax and estate plans for high net worth individuals, their families, and owners of private companies. We collaborate with a client’s advisor to customize the plan, implement it, and ensure that it achieves positive lifetime results.
  • Clients gain a tax and estate plan aligned precisely with their goals and delivers results year after year. 
  • Advisors gain a strategic partner that enhances service capabilities and adds value to the practice. 

"As per usual, everything happened without a hitch. I appreciate your help with the process." 

RT - Client
Calgary, AB - August 2022 



Estate planning is complex. Most advisors don't have the time to investigate all the options and confidently recommend which one will work best for a client. Westward has in-depth knowledge of insurance-based tax and estate planning and applies the effort and resources to customize a plan to the client's unique family, business, and wealth transfer goals.  
  • Thorough knowledge of tax laws as they apply to life insurance and estate planning.
  • Full field perspective of the 30+ types of insurance-based tax and estate plans offered.
  • All risks weighed and addressed - product risk, investment risk, tax risk, cash flow risk.
  • Safe exit strategy included in each plan if - for any reason - the client decides to wind it up. 

 "Thank you for Westward’s prompt response and assistance to coordinate with our mutual clients." 

JC, Private Banker
Vancouver, BC – July 2022


We continually look for ways to bring more value to clients and advisors. Tools such as our web portal provides instant access to plan documents and reports, and an easy way to work with Westward. And our automated client qualification tools pinpoint who is a strong candidate for The LifeStep Process.   
  • Flexible plans to cover an individual or which can be used to leverage the tax advantages that arise when multiple family members are included​.
  • Proactive planning to adapt to changing situations and continue to deliver exceptional results.
  • Innovative tools used to qualify clients and speed plan development.
  • Online access to all plan documents and reports via a personalized web portal.

 "Westward laid out the steps involved in switching to a bank loan very well and in basic terms, which is what I needed." 

 MV - Client
Surrey, BC – September 2022



We plan methodically and execute precisely. Westward has designed and implemented plans for hundreds of Canadians using The LifeStep Process. Each step is mapped out to keep progress moving forward and the plan on track. Clients and advisors are never in the dark about what comes next, from the discovery stage, to underwriting, to ongoing plan management. 
  • Four-stage LifeStep Process keeps everything on track from the initial proposal to ongoing reporting and plan reviews.
  • Teamwork - clients and advisors assigned a team of Westward specialists who are knowledgeable about the plan and available whenever needed.
  • No surprises all costs, obligations and next actions communicated up front.

"I pay Westward to manage my loan and the fee is well worth it. One thing I like is that they are bank agnostic, on top of what many lenders are offering, making sure that my loan is with the best lender." 

 PC, Client
Toronto, ON - September 2022




Each LifeStep Process plan is built to enable the client to transfer wealth on a tax efficient basis by using the tax advantages of life insurance. It can be designed to provide the family with liquidity for cash obligations on death. Or the client may prefer to donate the proceeds to a charity and leave a lasting legacy.  
  • Reduce or eliminate estate tax liability for the beneficiaries by providing a tax-free insurance payout that can be used to cover the cost of the estate tax.
  • Charitable legacy - the plan can provide an option to leave a significant gift to the charity of your choice.

 "Fantastic presentation, as always. This plan is a huge benefit to J*** and I and our estate. The family meeting was very beneficial and I really appreciate your input and support. We retreated after the meeting to the club and had a really productive family session that moved us ahead nicely and proved to me we are all on the same page. Thanks again.

 JY, Client

Vancouver, BC  |  September 2022

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