The LifeStep Process uses leveraged life insurance as a tool to make the estate more tax efficient for both the client and his or her beneficiaries. It's a method we've used for over 20 years to help high net worth Canadians protect their wealth, and as a way that enables advisors to enhance their practice's service capabilities.

Developing a plan requires input from accountants, lawyers and doctors as well as an investment of time by the client and his or her family. The LifeStep Process keeps it organized and on course.

Attention to every detail ensures that the plan is built precisely to the client’s situation, implementation is streamlined, and the plan delivers results as promised year after year.

  1. The Discovery Process             
       - Fact finding and client qualification 
  2. The Strategy Builder                
       - Plan development and customization  
  3. The Strategic Implementor    
       - Policy approval and plan implementation
  4. The Performance Optimizer  
       - Ongoing plan management and reporting

"Just wanted to thank you for a job well done on the call with the bank. We felt that you did an excellent job and that the bankers really got a confident vibe from you and for the plan.  Thanks again much appreciated." 


Vancouver, BC - April 2021 


The Discovery Process pinpoints which clients have the most to gain from an insurance-based tax and estate plan. With the advisor's input, we assesses whether The LifeStep Process can create significant benefits for the client. There is no obligation and a client’s identity is not revealed to us during The Discovery Process. 
  Discover Stage          
  1. Client profiling
  2. Client qualification
  3. Client anonymity
  4. No cost or obligation

"By donating part of my policy to charity, I can both give and receive." 

 Paul Hill, Chairman, President and CEO
Harvard Developments Inc.
 Saskatoon, SK - June 2018


The Strategy Builder maps out the plan's structure, cash flow and windup results in plain English. It shows the math and answers the questions clients and advisors need to know before deciding if an insurance-based plan is worth investigating and implementing. 

We use the facts gained from The Preliminary Viewpoint along with advisor input to design the plan for the client’s unique business, personal and wealth transfer goals.

A plan takes about three weeks to prepare. Westward does not charge for the initial assessment. We only present it to the client if the advisor agrees that the plan offers significant benefits and further consideration is worthwhile.

  Build Stage          
  1. Build plan
  2. Advisor review
  3. Client review
  4. Engage to proceed

"Your firm has a fantastic process for managing client loans. Your systems are really impressive. It’s a pleasure working with you." 

 DR, Scotia Private Banker 

 Ontario - July 2021 


A life insurance policy is at the heart of the plan. That's why we go the extra mile to make sure each client receives the best coverage possible.

Westward takes care of the paperwork and keeps everything on track. We work with the client, the family members as well as the advisor and doctor to collect financial and health information and make sure the application is prepared perfectly. 

As a result, a client often receives an offer in as little as two to three months, and can quickly begin to achieve their plan’s tax and estate benefits.

  Implement Stage          
  1. Underwriting
  2. Technical review
  3. Offer negotiation
  4. Implementation

"Thank you for the very clear presentation. The plan changes you propose are attractive and it looks like everything is moving in the right direction."  

 LM – Client  

 Vancouver – June 2021


On-going management ensures that each client's plan delivers results as promised. The Performance Optimizer includes active management of the plan for as long as it is in force. Annual reviews measure performance so clients are never in the dark about whether their plan is achieving its goals. We also provide advisors with all the documents needed for tax reporting.

The LifeStep Process adapts to changing needs and circumstances. If tax laws change, a business is sold or new opportunities emerge, we recommend plan modifications to keep it on course. 

  Perform Stage          
  1. Annual reviews
  2. Anniversary management
  3. Advisor web portal
  4. Client web portal

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